Woodmark Hotel Wedding - Peach, Coral, Cream, and Chocolate

This beautiful late summer wedding at the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland incorporated rich and warm colors with a hint of bling: the flowers in the color-palette light peach, burnt orange, coral, with cream and chocolate took on a romantic glow in the afternoon sun.
For the ceremony flowers we used various roses, dahlias, and hydrangea mixed with chocolate brown foliage. For the bouquets we used chocolate cosmos for a rich touch of dark brown.
Right behind the ceremony flowers we created a delicate crystal curtain adorned with orchid blooms which sparkled in the sun and swayed in the breeze - such a romantic setting for a sunset wedding by the water.
The fabulous team:
Venue: Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland
Coordinator: Wendy with Ethereal Events
Photographer: Jane Lee Photography

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