Maria and Ricardo's Beautiful Sodo Park Wedding

Maria and Ricardo celebrated their fun, elegant, and glamorous wedding almost exactly a year ago at the hip Sodo Park by Herban Feast in Seattle. They were the sweetest couple to collaborate with! It was so much fun coming up with decor ideas for their swank wedding reception: floral in bright pink, glass spheres, crystal galore, feathers, trees, orchids ... A fun combination to create sophisticated decor elements and table designs.
Thank you so much, Tasha Owen Photography, for the beautiful images!!!

For Maria's slightly trailing bouquet in cream and blush we incorporated garden roses, calla lilies, dahlias, and orchids combined with fluffy feathers.

For their reception we designed centerpieces of various styles - incorporating fun elements like glass and wire orbs, crystal trees, submerged and floating elements, trailing orchids. A fun combination of modern and romantic lush.

We created a glamorous entry of silk draping, a partial crystal curtain, and glass orbs with floating blooms - a dramatic and beautiful touch greeting the guests.

And look at that cake!! Loved it!

Happy anniversary Maria and Ricardo! I have very fond memories of your wedding day! xoxo

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