A Great Few Years for Marriage Equality

Sitting in front of the fireplace, with my puppy sleeping by my side, I am reflecting back on all our wonderful projects, weddings, and events this past year!  This will be my last blog post of 2014 and while I was looking back at some of the photos I received back from various photographers, trying to decide which wedding I want to blog about, it became clear that I am especially grateful for one thing: all the wonderful couples I got to meet in the past 2 years since same sex weddings became legal in the state of Washington.
I loved each and every one of their weddings and each couple has a special place in my heart - I am so happy they finally have the freedom to marry who they love! And I am especially proud that our state was one of the first states in the nation to grant that freedom (by now, as I am writing this, same sex marriage is legal in already 35 states!). May the rest of the US states follow in 2015!!

This blog post is for the many happy couples I had the pleasure to meet and work with these past couple of years. I was so moved by the many stories they shared with me: that they were finally able to get married over 10 or 20 years together!! Many traveled 1000s of miles to Seattle from another state to tie the knot here in Seattle. Thank you for letting us be part of your special day!!

Amy and Melana
August 2014 at DeLille Cellars
Photos by Ryan Flynn Photography

wedding equality, same love, one love

wedding reception flowers

Kathy and Katy
August 2013 at the Edgewater Hotel
Photos by Sarah King-Besse

same love, one love, marriage equality

wedding reception table, purple flowers

Brett and Alpha
July 2013 at the Sorrento Hotel
Photos by Carol Harrold

same love, one love, marriage equality, gay wedding

wedding ceremony flowers at the Sorrento Hotel Seattle

Marta and Maureen
September 2014 at the Edgewater Hotel
Photos by Joann Arruda Photography

same love, one love

Wedding Reception flowers Seattle

Don and Kevin
July 2013 at Columbia Tower Club
Photos by Alante Photography

Seattle wedding ceremony, same love, one love

Wedding reception flowers Seattle

Tracy and Sherra
February 2014 at the Edgewater Hotel
Photos by Carol Harrold 

Northwest wedding flowers, same love, one love, gay wedding

Northwest inspired wedding reception flowers

Jordan and Danny
December 2012 at the Four Seasons Hotel (on the first day after legalization!)
Photos by Sandra Coan Photography 

wedding reception Four Seasons Hotel

Flora Nova Design wedding reception at the Four Seasons Hotel Seattle

Angela and Brandy
November 2013 at The Maritime Museum
Photos by George Street Photo

Flora Nova Design, Seattle wedding, same sex marriage, marriage equality, same love, one love

Same Sex Wedding Seattle

Mary and Karen
October 2013 at the Edgewater Hotel
Photos by Amy Hallman Photography

Same Sex wedding Seattle Edgewater Hotel

fall flowers, fall bridal bouquet

Justin and Sebastian
August 2013 at The Four Seasons Hotel
Photos by a friend of Justin's
(I didn't receive a picture of the couple but at least a look at their classy reception setup)

Four Seasons purple wedding, Seattle best wedding flowers, Flora Nova Design

And finally ...
Jason and Sean
June 2013 at the Edgewater Hotel
Photos by Dani Weiss Photography

Seattle wedding equality

wedding flowers, Seattle wedding, best Seattle wedding florist

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